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After the a safe journey from Neverland so you’re able to Storybrooke, Mr

After the a safe journey from Neverland so you’re able to Storybrooke, Mr

The guy requires a painful strike whenever you are David brings him in order to protection

Gold seals the box inside the pawnshop to store Dish from the bay. Link informs Neal that he tend to back of chasing Emma thus Henry’s mothers enjoys a fair risk of delivering right back with her. In spite of this, Connect craves good distraction from Emma and you can unsuccessfully attempts to offer Tinker Bell a glass or two, even though she understands he naturally desires alot more out of the lady than simply you to definitely. A shout regarding external interrupts new speak, so that they rush out to look at the consequently they are inserted of the David and you can Emma. When Emma has the sexsearch gratis proefversie suspicion the pair of them are in fact inside, Tinker Bell immediately denies they, regardless if Hook pleads to differ. The latest foursome catch-up with time so you can witness the brand new Shadow tearing aside Mommy Superior’s shade. Just after regrouping with the other people, it is suspected Pan are behind brand new assault. Link, Neal and you may Tinker Bell go to bring the brand new light and you may coconut halves throughout the motorboat in case they must connect new Shadow again. It you will need to enter the container where Regina grabbed Henry so you can keep him safe, although door is actually secured. Belle, Emma, David, Mary Margaret and you may Mr. Gold restore a released Pan, who is actually Henry, just like the a few turned authorities. Whenever Mr. Gold holiday breaks open the newest vault, it is found Bowl took the new browse to your Ebony Curse. (“The newest Neverland”)

On the Shade moved, Mother Premium returns live and you may give the brand new Black colored Fairy’s rod so you can him or her

Mr. Silver offers which have anyone of the merely feasible answer to avoid Pan’s curse is actually for Regina, as brand new caster of Black Curse, so you can undo they from the destroying the fresh new browse, however, there could be a steep speed for it. It want to key Henry returning to his or her own looks thus he’s going to get in fingers of your own search and carry it to help you Regina. Mr. Silver is capable of doing the new enchantment, but needs a powerful outlet so it to get results. Tinker Bell have experience in an effective Black Fairy wand you to definitely Mother Superior leftover, thus she, David, Hook up and you can Neal ask the brand new convent nuns toward item. The Trace bursts when you look at the as class just take safeguards trailing this new chapel pews. Hook volunteers so you’re able to distract the fresh Shade, mentioning his personal life is at risk, however, fails in the event that creature knocks him out. Tinker Bell uses pixie dirt to help you light a flame for the coconut 1 / 2 of and you can flies on the air so you can pitfall the new Shadow; disposing brand new getting for good by consuming they inside the a flame. Later, Tinker Bell recognizes Hook’s reason for risking himself before is getting Emma. The 3 men visited the fresh pawnshop towards the wand. Once Henry’s spirit returns so you’re able to his very own human anatomy, men except Mr. Silver runs off to find the kid. Which have Granny’s recording knowledge, they return which have him. Regina entry aside shortly after using browse and you can awakens having training of one’s speed to own finishing the new curse. They are accosted from the Pan as he takes back brand new scroll and you will freezes her or him in position. The fresh showdown ends up whenever Mr. Silver summons this new dagger and you may stabs Bowl as well as themselves with it; killing both of them. After this, Regina admits the price is former Enchanted Forest society have a tendency to getting repaid on their old-world whenever you are Storybrooke will go away of lives. To keep Henry off are by yourself, Emma departs town that have your and you may Regina rewrites the new thoughts both for ones so that they disregard that which you. Before this, Hook now offers Emma parting conditions; stating that he’s going to remember the woman will. Due to the fact several cross-out out-of Storybrooke, Regina ends up the brand new curse out of overtaking because folks into the area is sent back once again to the brand new Enchanted Forest. (“Supposed Domestic”)